3 easy steps when buying custom apparel
Published by Printeez.com
Whether you're looking to dress everyone with the same uniform at your business, school, event or that you are looking to print for your clothing brand, screen printing is your best solution to stand out. Many businesses offer different types of prints, a wide variety of clothing and various types of inks. It can be overwhelming to make a choice and that’s why we prepared a simple guide to help you make the best choice for your next order.
1. Your #1 priority : Identify your needs

Ask yourself, what is my principal need? What will I be using it for? Is the t-shirt going to be used for sports, for promoting something once or is it destined for a long time use? Keeping in mind the real utilisation of the apparel, your local screen printing company will be able to suggest the best products for your needs and budget.

2. Quality design; a must

To obtain a high quality print, many factors have to be taken into consideration such as the right printing method for the type of apparel, the right type of ink, the right type of screen, the right color separation process etc. Everything starts with the right logo or image format provided. Vector files such as (.ai – Illustrator) is the most popular format. It offers the best quality images without pixel and allows us to modify them if we need. You can also ask your graphic designer to help you creating your logo using this format. Interesting fact, the more colors you have in your logo, the higher the cost will be, so keep that in mind for your next creation.

3. Final details

You now know what you will be using your apparel for, you have your vector logo or image ready, now the final step is to choose the right size and the right apparel for you. Your printer will guide you with what they believe to be the best fit for your needs and budget. Don’t worry about the minimum order quantity as most screen printing company offer minimums of 24 units per order. Once you know what the apparel and sizes that you want, you will get a detailed quote with visuals of what the final look is going to be like.

If you have any questions for your custom apparel printing project, get in touch with us! We would be more than happy to help you!