5 tips every brand & designer needs to know before ordering custom apparel

Contract printing is a winning formula. If you're an apparel brand or a custom apparel reseller, you need a reliable printing partner that will produce quality results for your clients. In this article, we will share important tips that will help you choose the right printing partner.

Contract printing is when you provide blank apparel to your custom apparel printer. Here are five important tips to consider when you choose the option of doing contract printing.


1. Choose the right blank apparel suppliers

Buying blank apparel directly from the source will help you save money. Since you are reselling to your clients, it is important to get better margins in order to stay competitive and make more profits. Here is a list of reliable suppliers:

S&S Activewear -

Alphabroder -

Sanmar Canada -

Private Agent -

Stormtech -

AJM International -

HS Apparel -

It might be difficult to open an account with these suppliers because you might not meet their requirements, but you can also look at Wordans - who offers competitive prices.

2. Printing Partners

It is important to choose the right printing partner that will be able to meet your greatest needs and requirements. Not every apparel printer offers contract printing, in fact most printers will ask you to buy your blank apparel from them.

Your first want to look at production delays, which means from the moment you process an order to the moment you get the final goods. A reasonable time frame should be 10 to 12 business days. You can also verify if they offer rush order production, because you might have an emergency from time to time and this could be a life saver for your business.

Since you're probably not a printing expert, you can talk to a sales rep about their types of equipments to get informed about the various options offered by this printer. The custom apparel printing industry has greatly improved in the last few years, and the printing quality is now better than ever. You can test their knowledge and ask for references if you feel like it. This will also give you a good indication of their production capabilities because when you order sizes will increase, you will not want to change suppliers.

Now that their production delays and their quality meets your needs, you can look at their pricing list to prepare your budget.

3. Printing Methods

Depending on the type of decoration you will need, different techniques are used to achieve different results. With the screen printing method, you may want to opt for plastisol inks, or even water-based inks which are more environmentally friendly. If your logo has multiple colors or you want to reproduce an image, you will probably want to go for digital printing. You could also opt for embroidery, a classic for hats and caps. If you want more decoration options like label and tag printing, ideally you would like your printing supplier to offer all of these options in order to save you time and management. To get a good idea of the different decoration options, you can visit this virtual showroom.

4. Tech Pack

The tech pack is the information or file that you will fill in which will contain information such as the location of the logos, the Pantone colors, the visuals, the printing methods chosen as well as any other relevant information that will allow your printer to know exactly what you want and limit questions and possible errors, like this example which you can use as needed.

5. Graphic Design

The graphic design of your logo or visual is an essential step since this will often determine the final quality of the print. For best results, you should provide a logo in vector format. Ideally, your logo should already be full size in order to get a high resolution image. For digital printing, you can provide an image in PNG format over 300 dpi in full size.

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