POD Pricing

For serious brands, people and influencers who are looking to grow their online sales and are looking for a turnkey service as well as add-ons can sign up for free for our Premium Print-On-Demand Service.

On-Demand Print Pricing

DTG Printing - 7.85$ / print area

Embroidery - 8.85$ / print area (50$ digitizing fee)



Folding & Bagging


Add A HANG Tag

0.20$ / garment

Insert Extras

0.20$ / order



Size Stickers

0.20$ / garment

Apply Hem or Sleeve Label

1.00$ / label

Apply Heat Press Neck Transfer

0.50$ / garment

Shipping Rates

CAD Shipping

We use Purolator Express with

confirmation of delivery for all CAD Orders.

T-Shirt, tote & headwear:

Flat rate 9.80$ / order

1.80$ per extra item

Hoodies & Crewnecks

Flat rate 13.20$ / order

1.80$ per extra item

International Shipping

We offer a DHL/Purolator or Canada Post tracked shipping service.

USA / Europe

14.95$ / Order

1.80$ per additionnal item

Any countries not listed are charged at 14.95$ however tracking is not guaranteed to all locations.

For a full list of our garment pricing please use the following Button.

Garment Pricing

Most Popular T-Shirts

Gildan Softstyle (64000)

5.75$ / item

Gildan Ultra Cotton (2000)

5.62$ / item

Next Level Cotton Crew (3600)

11.65$ / item

Most Popular Sweatshirts & Hoods

Independent Mid Crewneck (SS3000)

28.25$ / garment

Independent Mid Pullover (SS4500)

32.10$ / garment


We can integrate with the following platforms;

Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Amazon, Etsy. (More available on request)

Please note * Our integrations, will require to install an app called ‘ShipStation’, this app must not be removed or this will break the integration. This app is free of charge when you get connected with us!


SKU Requirements

When setting up your store and your individual products, you must setup your SKU codes for each product following our SKU structure. This allows us to pick, print and ship the correct products to your customers.

You can view a detailed SKU code breakdown on this page.

You can sign up for a free integration for our Premium Print-On-Demand Service. You account representative will be checking your product setup, artwork, and completing the connection from your store to our system. You're truly getting a premium 1-on-1 integration service with your account manager. To qualify for this premium service, you must have a minimum estimated monthly sales of $2,000 and over.

Artwork Requirements


300 DPI is the preferred resolution, lower-resolution artwork can be used but Printeez will not be responsible if the print quality is affected by this.

Color Profile

When exporting your print files, ensure that you have selected RGB.

Print Size

Your artwork should be saved to true to size with no negative space around the outside of the file.


File Format

Your print file needs to be saved as a .PNG file.

How big will my artwork be printed?

All of your artwork should be sent to us in the size that you wish the design to be printed. We will not scale the artwork, unless it is too big, where the artwork will automatically be scaled down to fit. Our maximum imprint area is 14” x 18”

How do I send you my artwork?

Once you have set up your SKU codes and named your artwork accordingly, you can send your artwork to us using our Wetransfer link. When you send the artwork be sure to add a note to let us know which store the artwork is linked to.

Once artwork sent, a member of our design team will notify you within 2 business hours if something is wrong with your artwork.

Our Wetransfer link is as follows: printeez.wetransfer.com

If you have any further questions about your artwork or our requirements. Please feel free to get in touch with a member of our graphics team art@printeez.com.


How long does it take for an order to be produced?

We aim to print and dispatch all orders within 72 hours. Also, note that during our peak periods the turnaround time can increase slightly.

What if a garment is out of stock?

If we receive an order for a garment that is out of stock, a suitable replacement can be used. We will contact you, in this case, to ensure you are happy with our suggested replacement garment.

Do you handle returns?

We can accept returns directly from your customers, note that you will not be refunded for the order. Once a garment is printed and shipped, this is chargeable. Any returned orders will be returned to you periodically in bulk.

Is there any branding or paperwork?

Our orders are shipped in unbranded mailing bags, with a postal sticker applied to the outside.


You will be automatically invoiced at the end of each production day for all orders completed. If the payment does not process on your credit card, please note that we may cease production of all outstanding orders.

An order hasn’t arrived, what do we do?

We guarantee delivery for all CAD, USD & European orders, If an order is lost to these locations a replacement will be shipped.

Can we cancel or change an order?

Once an order has been processed through our system, we are unable to make any changes. If the order has not processed through our system, then we can cancel or make changes. We typically process new orders at 7 am each day.

The customer has received the wrong item, what do we do?

Mistakes can occasionally happen, we request a photo showing the incorrect item, and once received a replacement will be shipped free of charge to your customer. We do not request that the incorrect garment is returned to us.

Can we print copyrighted/trademarked images?

Yes if you are the license holder for the images, however, you would need to provide us with evidence of this. If no evidence is provided to us then we will not be able to process your order and your account may be suspended.

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