STEP 1 | basics

  • Send us your art or let us create it for you

  • Choose amongst our thousands of product styles and colors

  • Choose how long your store will be open

STEP 2 | GET READY and sell

  • Choose the price tag you want to sell your products for

  • Add photos and videos to your store

  • Add countdown or sales goal to your campaign

  • Start you campaign and promote it

  • See pre-order sales coming in every day

STEP 3 | we get the work done

  • Once your campaign is over, we print for all orders that were placed during your campaign

  • We then ship to one place for free or to individual places if they selected the option at checkout when they pre-ordered


  • You choose the final selling price, therefore your profits

  • No inventory leftovers

  • Easy to use - simply promote your website URL

  • Make money with little effort 

THE COSTS | absolutely no risk

There is no cost for you or for us when creating your online store on our platform - what's better than a win win partnership?

Base Rate

Products are priced at our standard rate for 36-71 quantity. We add a flat $6 fee per garment for setting up the store, folding, packing & fulfillment.  We only print what was sold, no leftover inventory.

You sell at whatever price you’d like to above the base rate and we will pay you the profit on the difference.

Shipping Cost

You can either add shipping as an option for your customers on checkout, or we can add the cost to the “Base Rate” and that way you can provide “Free Shipping” to your customers if you’d like. 

Typical example:

  • 2 Color Print on a Basic Black Shirt: $7.25

  • $6 Flat Online Store Fee 

  • “Free Shipping” included to customers $3.50

  • Base Rate= $16.75

  • Retail Price = $25

  • Difference= your profit of $8.25 on each sold item

  • You sell 150 t-shirts.  We pay you $1,237.50!




  • Set a goal for your campaign

  • Get paid for  the difference between the cost and the sale price

  • Raise funds to donate to a good cause

  • No investment required - everyone makes money only if there are sales

  • Employees can login to choose their sizes and favorite products

  • Coupon codes can be provided to employees for discounts

  • Packages can be shipped directly to company or to the employees

  • No investment required - everyone makes money only if there are sales


  • Minimum of 24 pieces per design must be sold

  • Profits will be kept to cover any losses if minimums aren’t met

  • All orders are collected together. They will be printed and shipped within 2 weeks.

  • Having one or two designs rather than a ton of options helps achieve the minimums

  • Sharing it multiple times on your social media accounts/mail marketing helps customer engagements

  • You can ask for a sample sizing if this is for an internal company store

  • Using a nicer garment (like Next Level) can help with sales.

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