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Contract Printing

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What is Contract Printing?

Mainly for brands and resellers, contract printing means that you will be providing the apparel. Contract printing works a little different than when we provide the apparel and price is broken down into screens, set up and print price per piece. For contract printing you can come in and meet with us or you can choose to do everything through e-mail.

Get Started with Contract Printing

It is easy to get started, but first make sure you follow these steps:

1. Artwork Must be Ready

You must have your artwork ready. Must be in adobe illustrator or Photoshop format. Please refer to our Artwork Policies for more details.

2. Prep your Work Order Form(s)

You must provide us with a detailed description of the garment, including style number(s), color(s), size(s), quantity and or packing slip. Printeez requires at least one additional piece per style in each color if needed for testing ink such as (discharge), colors and or printing techniques etc. We cannot receive goods in individual poly bags or any type of packaging. You can use this work order form template to send to us to make sure you have all of the details necessary for us.

If you would like to get additional details, please contact us by email or phone and let our printing pros help you! You can also view our pricing list here.

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