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by Printeez

Wear your brand with pride

Get your online business store where you, your clients, employees, franchisees can buy your custom apparel all year long. No upfront cost. No monthly fees. No minimums. No storage. No more management for you. Let us handle everything for you. The possibilities are endless.


How it works


Choose your products with one of our product specialists. Little to no limitations.


Send us your logo and designs by email.


You, your clients, your employees and/or your franchisees will be able to order directly online, on demand!


Orders will be shipped in 10 to 12 business days directly to the chosen shipping address at checkout.


If you decide to get a commission on the products sold, you will get paid a monthly commission.

What sets us apart

We're a team of humans, that cares about your success


Ready to raise your t-shirt game?